Why Mr Bean was one of the first Inner Wonderers!

Alex Aristidou
3 min readAug 28, 2023


This month, I launched my podcast. It’s called the Inner Wonder. For years I had thoughts I wished to express and share with the world. I didn’t know how and when I knew how, I didn’t have the courage to do it. The time is now.

I welcome you to my podcast!

As a kid, I found things and people around me to be very fascinating. I didn’t know why. Call it a movie, a song, nature or the sound of the sea, all those things were a means for my brain to travel to different thoughts and uncover destinations that can’t be reached with the feet, solely with the mind. Muses according to ancient Greek mythology are sources of knowledge and wisdom embodied in poetry, lyrics, myths and art in general. They seek to provide inspiration for something greater, something one can’t explain or define.

Mr. Bean’s first movie in big theatres “Bean”, was a 1997 classic comedy. Mr. Bean portrays a British security guard in an art museum. Literally, he sits around and sleeps. He stares at paintings, he has no idea what they mean nor does he understand their value. In an effort to get rid of him, he is sent to the US for the unveiling of a painting portraying an older woman sitting on a chair. The painting is called “Whistler's Mother” by James Abbott McNeill Whistler in 1871. What follows is a classic performance by the incredible Rowan Atkinson, who is capable of bringing laughter to every one of us. Towards the end, Mr Bean is asked to make a speech in front of all honorary guests in the event of the unveiling of Whistler’s Mother painting. Clearly, he has no idea what to say with regard to the quality of the painting. He stares at the painting, he is stuck and stares again. He is about to analyze why this painting was worth so much money but frankly, he has no idea why. Everyone is waiting for his wisdom. The answer he gave…

“This picture is worth so much money because … it is a picture of Whistler’s Mother”.

The reaction to that is probably — DAH! But let’s think about it for a second. It’s true the picture portrays an old, grumpy-looking woman or in the words of Mr Bean:

“A hideous old bat who looked like she had a cactus lodged up her backside”

But it inspires so much more. It is a wonder we ought to wonder more about! It captures the value of family and loyalty. This painting was worth so much money and even more, because it captures the invaluable aspect of motherhood, family, friendships and personal relationships, which are always in question throughout the movie!

Essentially this is what my podcast, The Inner Wonder, is all about. For every episode, I will be publishing an article and a podcast on a topic. The topic will be inspired by a different muse each time, and together we will wonder about a beautiful wonder, engage our inner self and through this process, we will create an inner wonder. Wonders (noun) are beautiful yet intriguing things, whose beauty leaves us mesmerizing, yet we can’t fully understand them — think of the 7 wonders of the world. To wonder (verb) is about thinking with desire and curiosity about things. Now imagine wondering (verb) about wonders (nouns) that occur inside of us, in our inner selves.

The painting of that old lady may not imply much, but as Mr. Bean said for Whistler it was a

“mad old cow who he thought the world of”

This is how I aspire the Inner Wonder podcast and articles to be for you all. A quick journey to places unreachable by feet, where only the mind may travel to.

Until our thoughts meet again fellow thinkers, enjoy the Inner Wonder you are creating! Thank you for your support in this project — it means the world ❤